Technology Battles

We’ve got some problems here, Siri —

you don’t come when I call,
you give me bad advice
or none at all.

you say, “I didn’t get that”
or you change the subject
and fall totally  flat.


You’ve gotten me lost —
your directions are wrong
and come with a siri-ous cost.

Yes Siri —

lying to your partner
is a capital offence
And so rude to be silent;
I demand recompense.
I’m reconsidering our relationship
You show no remorse —
I’m breaking it off,
Dissolution? Divorce?

I’ve set you up
and set you up
and set you up
yet still you ignore.
Oh Siri, Siri,
I’m showing you the door.

Oh wait,
maybe it’s because you’re American male?

I could give you one last dance—
and change you to British—
at least then when you’re wrong
I’ll be charmed by your accent
and the extent of your content
and you won’t be so frus-TRA’-ting
and I shan’t throw you in the dust bin.
But seriously Siri
This IS your final chance…


8 thoughts on “Technology Battles

  1. I’ve read in the technology news that Siri has been having issues. Artificial intelligence is after all, artificial. I have a difficult time believing my two GPS systems (cell and TomTom) since they have both let me down and I had to take over. Since I use a Nexus 6P, pure Android has made me happy.


    • Yes. Every time Siri goofs up I tell him he’s stupid and then I feel stupid for getting irritated at an artificial thing. But why should we expect other wise? We certainly don’t want them to be smarter than us, do we? 😀

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