Faith is so personal, 
yet those of us who have it long to share it 
with those who need it.
Because we know how it has changed our lives.
For good. For better. For best. 
It doesn't eliminate struggles or pain; 
it simply reminds us of the promises, 
reminds us to be grateful, 
reminds us to love...

…and I have another blog that is strictly devoted to writings on Faith. If you are interested in a devotional, please check out Faith Is the Hammer, Grace Is the Nail

Just this morning my Bible reading brought me to chapter one of 1 Peter, where two verses jumped out at me: Be holy because He is holy (1:16) and …love one another deeply, from the heart. (1:22) They loomed large because they feel so impossible for me these days. I confess to having difficulty in loving my neighbor–and I use the word neighbor loosely. Kind of like asking Jesus, Who is my neighbor? and getting the reply that you know, but you don’t want to hear… Continue reading


When we lived in the city we had a strategy for homeless people or those on the sidewalks with signs. We carried gift cards for Subway and gave them out one or two at a time. It seemed mostly satisfactory, until one day a guy asked how much was it worth. Later that same week I discovered a “cash-in your gift cards here”… Continue reading


It’s a tough time to be reading Revelation, but here I am–at the last book in my two-year-journey through my journaling Bible–in December of 2020. These are some of the darkest days people here in ‘the new world’ have experienced in decades… Europeans were much more affected by World War II than we were, for it was fought… Continue reading


This is a sermon I’ve been writing to myself. It may not apply to you. Just saying… Silly me. I thought at my advanced age, lessons in life were already learned. I’m old enough now to be the one offering sage advice rather than stressing over just what this lesson is supposed to teach me.

I know better than that really. The road we travel is never guaranteed to be smooth no matter how new or old your vehicle, no matter what season. It is the season of potholes… Continue reading


We used to jokingly call him King Henry The First. He died on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, a cat’s life, well live

I never felt right feeding birds while he was around; scattered bird seed was limited to very heavy snows when Henry was…. Continue reading


The Color of Light

The Color of Light

We’ve been on a mission trip to Alabama for the last week, and I am feeling contemplative…

Color is Light – every color in white
Refracted, Reflected
Rays from the sun.
Azure, Vermillion, Lavender, Dun
Every shade, every hue – gritty gray, brilliant blue … Continue reading




Lawn chairs in fall

A Stillness in Time

I’ve been experimenting with black and white photography these past two weeks. Perhaps it is a bit ironic that as autumn’s colors are at its most glorious, I’m choosing black and white. It could be that my camera can’t capture the beauty of fall; but I think it is more of a mood. I hear … Continue reading





The Gift of a House

The Gift of a House

Sometimes I wonder how in the world we ended up with two houses. Especially at this time of year. We still mostly live at the city house. It’s where work is. It’s where the mortgage is. It’s where old friends are. But it isn’t necessarily where the heart is. I wonder about that. I miss … Continue reading



Perfectionism, Part 1: the curse

Perfectionism, Part 1: the curse

All our lives we’re told, “Do your best.” “If you do your best, that’s all anyone can ask.” And what, exactly, is our best? How many times can we have a do over? When and how do we draw the line between “our best” and OCD? And who ultimately gives us the final grade? Friends? …Continue reading





Perfectionism, Part 2: the blessings

Perfectionism, Part 2: the blessings

Last night I was reclining in bed, surrounded by pillows, books, notebooks, and reading glasses, writing a blog post on my IPhone. These phones are very handy when one has a thought and doesn’t want to lose it in the quagmire of daily living (or nightly dreaming). I was about to save the post when … Continue reading





random messy beauty

the random Messy Beauty of everyday life

I bought a new photo app for my phone the other day for 99 cents. While playing around with Nofinder (just pushing buttons, in other words) this photo was the fourth one I took. I was shocked. It was really just a shot from the back deck here at Apple Hill. None of the others … Continue reading





The Promise

The Promise


The promise of Spring is here
buried under the snow of February.
The earth awakens from sleep.
Just as Jesus can awaken the…
Continue Reading.





Sundays at the Cottage

Sundays at the Cottage

There’s been much chaos in my life lately…. Dashing between two houses, fixing up one to live in, fixing up one to sell, both of us working jobs, and trying to balance everything? I am failing BIG TIME! We went into this with  … Continue Reading 



The Cure for Christmas Scrooges

The Cure for Christmas Scrooges

I’ve been feeling rather like a scrooge these days. The world’s a mess, it’s dark december, and why should i buy more stuff to give to people who already have too much stuff when so much of the world doesn’t have enough… The cure? Decorate your tree with old ornaments and don’t buy a single new one. … Continue reading





Isaiah 9:2

Plain, Mundane, and Common

My inbox is filling up with Christmas ideas: Group your Christmas trees together in threes and make a statement. DIY giant Glitter Snowflakes Twelve Days of Cookie recipes 22 best kids’ gifts under $20… The Best Christmas songs you’ve never heard The emotions are mixed on this folks, because I’m just not there… Perhaps I … Continue reading






Blue sky, white clouds

Plus ca change…the circle of life

Life in August and September has been lively: anniversaries, birthdays, the start of school, funerals, a wedding, and two houses that compete for our attention. The start of school means back to work — organizing books, planning lessons, and this year it meant re-organizing the main section of the library after a flood last year. … Continue reading




The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strained...

The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strained…


i have a friend who has demons in his head… Continue Reading






John 1:16

Blessings on your Hou

For the rest of Advent and Christmas I will be finishing up my gratitude project for the past year. It was never intended to be anything but for me to document my gratitude and blessings, and help me be intentional about living a joy-filled life for the year. It worked! And if I can encourage … Continue reading

Demolishing the Strongholds

Demolishing the Strongholds


We strapped on our armor this past week. We were doing battle. Against the creatures who have lived and died in our walls. What is living in the walls of your house? The better question might be phrased What is dead in the walls of your house? It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t picture-worthy. What? … Continue reading


On Mowing and Marriage and Trying to Be Like Jesus

On Mowing and Marriage and Trying to Be Like Jesus

There’s very little in this life that I like less than mowing grass. Reasons? Oh yeah, I got plenty: What a waste of time — I could be gardening, reading, writing, washing dishes, mopping the kitchen floor… What a waste of gasoline and added pollution, when we could be growing food, or flowers, or sheep … Continue reading



So what happens when one finally gets settled into a routine at the cottage where one has spent three years preparing to live? Life. Yes. Life. Yes. Life. Happens. There’s a new job. There’s a volunteer commitment one made before the new job happened. There’s cooking to do, gardens to plant, flowers to grow, pillow … Continue reading






December isn’t usually a quiet month. But for some reason, (God-appointed perhaps?) quiet is my focus-word for December. It wasn’t supposed to be — December was to be Joy or Giving… Yet here it is: one month left in 2014 and one word left for the monthly focus. Quiet. I’ve been wondering what to do about it. … Continue reading





Refraction — the change of direction of a ray of light or sound, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which wave velocity is different. I pray for refraction. God’s light to shine through the curtains, the leaves, the shadows, the water, the air I breathe in — Ruah –passing obliquely from one  … Continue reading




Keep your eyes open to your mercies

2,015 Little Blessings

My word for 2015 is content.

I struggle with contentment,

though I shouldn’t.

I have everything I need.

except I need…. Continue Reading

The Word of God


No sunrise today. Just a gradual un-darkening. How can I find my bliss on a cold-gray-rainy November day? Bliss and November? Don’t belong together. Diametrically opposed… an oxymoron.  … Continue reading


We used to jokingly call him King Henry The First. He died on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, a cat’s life, well lived. I never felt right feeding birds while he was around; scattered bird seed was limited to very heavy snows when Henry was kept inside…. Continue reading



Holy Words

Twelve Words Devotional

Peace, Obedience, Gratitude, Joy, Grace, Love, Beauty, Quiet, Prayer, Giving, Receiving, Hope

A word to focus on for every month. Quotes. Scripture. Thoughts. Photos. Musings. Mine. Yours. God’s … Continue reading