41. A winter’s eve

The new fallen snow and ice of winter is beautiful when the sun shines20130103-212845.jpg

or when it lights up an otherwise dark night

or when the icicles glint like crystalline daggers protecting the house within20130106-230655.jpg

or when I am inside sitting by a fire in the fireplace … a mug of fragrant warmth in my hands (a cookie doesn’t hurt either.)


Oh wait, how did TWO cookies get into this picture?

But mostly I struggle with winter.

The gray and the cold; the colds and the blues…
This year it wasn’t even to the first day of winter before I was sick of snow. I was sick of snow, and it hadn’t even snowed yet…
Snow on porch

And yet, the seasons were created for a reason. It’s all a wonderful circle of life, even though in winter there’s not much life visible. (And the visibility is bad for us poor folks who have to drive in it.) One good thought about snow — it protects the fruit trees from cold and makes better fruit next year. Two good thoughts about snow — I got these gorgeous boots for $9.99.


What kind of boots did you think they would be? This is the country after all, and Tractor Supply is my new main store…

There isn’t much happening at Apple Hill this winter. We are huddled in the city house by the fireplace, trying to decide if we can settle for a gas log fireplace in the living room at the cottage. There’s something so soul-satisfying about a real fire. The smell, the crackle, the heat… Ah well, you can get heat from a gas fireplace, but there is definitely no wood smoke or crackling involved. Of course, the lure of just turning it on whenever you want is a tantalizing extra…20130104-211419.jpg

I’ve discovered that many people have strong feelings about fireplaces. So what are yours? A real wood fireplace or gas logs for convenience?


Extra notes for consideration:

  • The gas line is already run to the fireplace
  • We are most likely going to have a wood stove in the mudroom, and the stove has a window in the door for live fire action
  • The fireplace in the living room doesn’t have a flue/damper so serious work is involved.

8 thoughts on “41. A winter’s eve

  1. I have a hard time with winter too. It kinda makes me want to hibernate, but I don’t really like hibernating, so it’s hard to be at peace. And, I just want to see the sun!

    We have a woodstove. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because it keeps me very toasty and I hate to be cold. I hate it because it makes a mess and it is constant work. I’m always tending the fire.



    • Ah yes, the sun… I think I’ve seen it once in the last three weeks! It was yesterday when I went out to take photos of the gray winter and the sky was blue! SADD really does exist–and what an appropriate name for it!
      And yes, you point out another drawback of real wood — the mess. Not good for an already lackadaisical housekeeper.


  2. I really enjoy a wood fireplace, but I’ve only had it in one of the houses I’ve lived in. We sure did enjoy it, though. Whatever you decide, a fireplace will be nice…whether wood or gas.


    • You’re right, of course. And I think we probably end up letting $$ decide. Which means gas. Since we’re here in the Northeast, most of the houses we’ve lived in have had real fireplaces. And we like them…


  3. Beautiful post and pictures! I love winter. How everything seems to slow down, hot coco, running inside to warm yourself after a walk outside, mash pots, no worries about extra flab, big sweaters.. Love it :)

    I don’t have my own home yet but I’d love a wood fireplace. I like the smell and it warms the soul too. While peering into the flames I find solace. In Suriname we cook outside on make shift wood stoves, Messy but so worth it :)


  4. I’m having a very tough time with winter and cold this year. Very tough call on the fireplace. Took several years of thinking about it but after about three wood fires I converted the basement / studio fireplace to gas. A good decision as Ernie can just turn it on and take off the chill. The upstairs was gas but not working. Fixed it up and use it constantly. Definitely gas was the way to go for us. However when I visit people, I love when they have a wood fire crackling, a huge luxury. Nothing like it. Thanks for another beautiful post.


    • You’re right; it is a luxury. One that is good for the soul in winter — which we need sometimes! We’ll be in the country, but it isn’t really a wooded lot. There’s some wood; probably enough for a fireplace, but we’re also getting OLD…


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