The Promise

The promise of Spring is here

buried under the snow of February.

daffodil buds in snow

The earth awakens from sleep.

Just as Jesus can awaken

the frozen darkness

of your soul

Fall, Winter, Spring

and resurrect it

to life

and beauty

and promise.

daffodil bud in snow

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12 thoughts on “The Promise

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    • Oh thank you! Your eagle shots have been amazing. And I have to say I’m envious of you getting out and tromping around. I just sit inside and only go out when the sun is shining. I did this one to encourage myself too. 😬

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      • Well, I’ve not gotten out much this week. My neighbor texted me this morning and said there were 20,000 snow geese reported at a lake 20 miles from here, but did I get down there? NOOOOO!

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  2. We’re seeing that same promise, too. My blog has been quiet because my good camera is broken, but I really want to get back to it. Spring is such a writerly time. :)


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