Fire on the Next Hill

last night
a fiery orange light
glowed ferociously
on the next hill.
i thought the Blakers’
barn was burning.
(i left my warm bed and stepped outside for a better view.)

the flames
leaped into the black
and devoured the trees
of the horizon.
i thought the still-green leaves
in the valley between
will keep us safe.
(my husband joined me to witness the spectacle.)

then the triangle
of flames and fire
suddenly settled into
a sideways orange half moon.
61.2% rising ENE
at 11:16 p.m
i thought when has a half-moon-rising
ever been fire in the sky.
(we laughed at one more
2020 wildness.)

my skittish, sheepish
thoughts morphed like moonfire
into a silent prayer.
Lord of the moon, the sky, the earth,
protect us from fires raging
in the darkness
and turn them into
just a spectacular autumn moonrising
in the night sky.
(i slept the weighted, dreamless sleep of peace.)


Now there is time to wait at the window.
Now there is time to do something new.
Now is the time to let go of regret.
Now is the time to recognize the gift
of now; not then, not when, not ought.
Now is the time to breathe.

A Parable for the Hour: jumbled thoughts on reading Luke 8 for morning devotions, Jan. 31,2020

Truth revealed or
Truth concealed?
Heart is hear with a ✝.

The shape of the cross
His story across history.
We might ask, like Pilate,
What is Truth?

The world is scorched and barren
and thirsting for truth to fall as dew
on the parched ground.
The seeds need truth to
blossom and grow into fruit.

But the seeds have fallen among the thistles,
and truth is concealed
by the thorns and in the shadows
what passes  for truth has congealed
into a mass of lies.
Is a deal with the devil
worth the compromise?

Fruit without a ✝
is easily turned into ruin.

Stand is sand
without a ✝.

Here is Luke’s Parable of the Sower.