131. The sixth wall

There’s nothing like company coming for Easter dinner to inspire…

The crown is finished; crown moulding the pocket door runs smoothly on its track and actually locks; Bathroom pocket door painted in Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk the built-in display has trim and real shelves and serving dishes; dining room built-in art is hung on the painted walls; Dining room and our black and white photo wall is done, mostly.

bathroom pocket door

Our shoulders are light, the weather is warmer, and it’s time to think now of outside projects.

But just in case the gentle reader thinks we now live in a perfect-ly beautiful house,

we open the lovely pocket door to this:

Bathroom -- Before

Yeah, paintbrushes still compete with toothbrushes in the bathroom sink.

10 thoughts on “131. The sixth wall

    • It will make more room in the bathroom, but it was a pain to put in. We basically had to take down the wall and move the heater vent to get it done. But thank you, we’re happy with it too. And we reused the old door!


  1. I absolutely love everything that you are doing in your little cottage. Thanks for sharing the pictures…ALL of them :) You are an inspiration to me!


    • Wow! What a lovely comment — an inspiration. That made me smile! Who knew getting paintbrushes and toothbrushes mixed up could be inspirational? :-)
      I just couldn’t let everyone think it ALL looked beautiful. Truth in blogging, or something like that…


  2. LOL, your ending’s a reality check and made me laugh. You’re so right, nothing like having your feet to the fire to get a project to the finish line. So many awesome details that make your house a ‘home’. I noticed the chairs at the dining table, I like that they aren’t all the same. I really fancy how you hung your collection of family photo’s too. Your trims are gorgeous and better done than a pro (he said he was anyways).


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