Thomas Wolfe wrote You Can’t Go Home Again, and the title has become an often-quoted phrase about change and memory.

Sheep farm on Ruff Creek Hill

sheep farm on Ruff Creek Hill

Yet here I am. Back home in These High Green Hills. Living within two miles of my childhood home. Living on what used to be my grandfather’s orchard.

Sunrise from my bedroom

sunrise from my bedroom

Sometimes a bit like being A Stranger in a Strange Land, but more often it is like being a stranger in a familiar land. Older and wiser, I see the familiar with new eyes — The Return of the Native…

The road home...

journey home…

New eyes that appreciate the beauty of the hills, streams, and roads of rural Appalachia.

these high greene hills

these high greene hills

New eyes that appreciate the need for economic development, but worry that it will spoil the ecosystems, the water, the landscape.

the cows' field, disturbed

the cows’ field, disturbed

New eyes that see God’s mercy on my life and the blessings of coming home again.



Landscapes? Yep, I got ’em! About 500 on my phone alone! The top three were taken today; the others are from a greener season …

18 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. I enjoyed the book titles as well as the photographs: beautiful! I see why you had trouble picking a favorite. I liked the “high green hills” very much but also the one with autumn leaves and . . . Hard to stop :)


  2. What amazing views!!! Love all the landscape photos! I too find familiar landscapes to be new and interesting every day with new eyes. God’s handiwork sure is breathtaking!


    • It’s really fun going on back road tours and trying to figure out where we are. We were stopped once down near Kirby, and an old timer in a pickup truck stopped and shouted, “You folks lost?” Remember when we used to do that with Mom and Dad and always ended up at Bryan’s Dairy?
      We did a covered bridge tour in October. Took real life photos of the Scott Bridge. Stay tuned…


  3. Gentle reminders of thankfulness across the seasons; the perfect way to start Thanksgiving week! You have such a lovely, peaceful blog here — thanks for sharing. :)


    • Oh thank you so much for such a nice comment. This month has been about me trying to be more grateful and less anxious, so I am especially grateful for the word peaceful in your comment. Thank you!


  4. Hi Carol,
    I am starting to get hooked. You Can’t Go Home Again was for many years my all time favorite novel. Forty years later I cannot tell you why, don’t remember anything about it except that I loved his writing style. God’s blessings, john


    • Wolfe’s novel was about depression-era economics–city vs local community, wasn’t it? I can’t remember it much either, but I’m pretty sure I had to read it in college.
      I feel that way about Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose. Might be time for some re-reads…


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