123. Quiet

December isn’t usually a quiet month.

But for some reason, (God-appointed perhaps?) quiet is my focus-word for December. It wasn’t supposed to be — December was to be Joy or Giving…

Yet here it is: one month left in 2014 and one word left for the monthly focus. Quiet.

snow on branches

I’ve been wondering what to do about it. In a way it is appropriate for me because for the last several years — actually the last two three decades — I’ve moaned and groaned about the commercialization of Christmas. And quietly, I’ve tried to eliminate much of the hoopla, created by modern culture. I don’t go into stores unless I have to — but even I noticed that commercial Christmas was there on the shelves right alongside the Halloween masks.

Christmas decorationsIf honesty were to prevail, I have to admit that I like bringing Christmas into my house. Those little white lights made in China? I like them. Big red bows? Yes. Two on the mantle please. And a garland or two or as well. Make my own Christmas cards? Check. Make lots of cookies? Check. Can you hear the Jewish man Tevye singing in the background? Tra-di-tion!

I just finished photo101 in which I published a photo and poem each week day for a month. And I enjoyed it. It was different; I felt like I had assignments, and I mostly got them finished with a decent grade, as well as making new friends in blogland.

But, if honesty were to prevail, I have to admit that this is mostly what my morning devotions looked like:Technology

And so for Advent, my blog is going quiet. So that I will be distraction-free for quiet contemplation on the coming of Jesus. To the world. To the Church. And to me.

So for your Advent and Christmas season, I urge you to try on some Quiet. Breathe. And make room for the quiet whisper of the Savior.

people who walked in darkness

15 thoughts on “123. Quiet

  1. I applaud you, blogland friend. See you next month. Hope your holiday brings deeper devotion and focus on Christ that lasts far beyond the holidays!


  2. I have been struggling with this very same thing…it feels like Christmas gets more “tedious” every year. I like your idea of quiet. I’m looking forward to seeing you next year. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, quiet month.


  3. Lovely photos — they were all well-chosen, but I especially liked the snow on the branches, and the photo of your “devotional” was very convicting for me :) I have enjoyed getting to “know” you through Photo 101 (I still have an “incomplete” in that course) and look forward to more of your posts and photos when the season of quiet is past.

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  4. I will miss your posts! But I understand. All 5 kids, 4 spouses and 3 grandsons will be here to celebrate an early Christmas on December 13. ARGH!!!!! Craziness until then. But, and this is a big but, then I should have a quiet, hopefully spiritual, time until Christmas. And that sounds very good. May you have a very blessed Christmas.


  5. The commercialisation of Christmas is something which I find thoroughly unpleasant. These days I try to make as many gifts as I can and avoid the shops as much as possible. Enjoy your quiet Christmas and I look forward to seeing you back in block and in January. :)

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  6. So I just remembered that you were going quiet for December and I invited you to do this 5 day black and white challenge thing. (you can go to my blog for more info if you’re curious. ) I have no desire for you to break your December peace and quiet, so if you want to pick this up in January you can. But there’s no pressure at all. I’m not sure I will finish it, but I had some time today to wander around and take pics. Blessings to you!


  7. I found your blog when I was supposed to be studying for a nursing final. It has been so long since I have had a real day off with working and school. Just reading about someone else’s quiet helped.


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