No sunrise today.
Just a gradual un-darkening.
How can I find my bliss
on a cold-gray-rainy
November day?

Bliss and November?
Don’t belong together.
Diametrically opposed…
an oxymoron.

And so I turn
to the words of
the one who will never
Disappoint —
always faithful
even when I
am not.

Worldly bliss is
ephemeral —
and never satisfies
the longing in our hearts.

I’m grateful for His grace
that is the only lasting
this side of paradise.

Even on
a cold-gray-rainy
November day.

*photos taken with an iPhone 5C; edited with PicsArt.

2 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Timeless truth. How very important to keep this in mind, especially in light of the hustle & bustle of the approaching holidays. It’s really all about Him… Life is about Him. You said it well, “worldly bliss is temporal…” But he is our constant.


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