Hope for 2019: Is it an Oxymoron?

We are 15 days in to 2019, and I’m just now getting around to a New Year’s post.

Hey, I’m retired. I’m allowed to be on my own schedule.

Yesterday, was my first day of my second retirement. I did Meals on Wheels in the morning, made white chicken chili for dinner, read 5 chapters in My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante while drinking cinnamon tea in front of the wood stove. And looked out at the snow. And contemplated not having to go to work tomorrow.

Today, my second day of retirement, I studied Psalm 44, cleaned the kitchen, made a loaf of sourdough bread, and contemplated whether I should continue this blog, or just let it die.

I still haven’t decided. Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on a regular basis. But now, the complicated life of the past six months is behind me, and I’m contemplating what my new life will look like. Did you notice I’ve used the word contemplate three times in the last three paragraphs?

I’ve never been one for New Years’ Resolutions. Why set yourself up for failure? For awhile the one-word for the year thing was popular, but one-word for the year is not enough for me. Perhaps I’m easily bored. But as I was cleaning my office of personal effects, I found this tacked on the wall:

Immediately, I knew that those would be my ten phrases for the year. One for each month + the two that are hardest for me, I would do for two months…

I clipped it on the side of the fridge by the coffeemaker — no missing it there — so I can see it every morning. Mr. H.C. commented on it right away. We both need reminders — especially the Answer Without Arguing one…

We need this in 2019 more than any other year I can remember. We need love, compassion, and listening; we need to remember how to speak without accusing; we need a “good news” channel; (I have once again sworn off watching the evening news –I figure if something bad happens, someone will tell me!); we need to remember how to enjoy without complaint…

Well, really, we need all of them. All the time. But I’m doing the best I can, with one a month.

And I’m going to be a good news channel.

January is listen without interrupting. That’s going to be a tough one for me. It might even be a two-monther. But it’s okay, because I have time to listen.

After all, I’m retired…

13 thoughts on “Hope for 2019: Is it an Oxymoron?

  1. Hurray! You are back! I like your list. I did choose a one-word theme for this year. I have never done this before. My word is “Listen.” So far, not doing so great! I have 360 days to work on it! Keep writing. Enjoy your retirement. Again.

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  2. The freedom of retirement has made me busier than I have ever been at all those things that really matter, and I go to bed as tired as I ever did save when the kids were infants.


    • I’m taking it slowly (after three days!) The only thing I’m doing right now is helping with Meals on Wheels. Otherwise,
      staying home and getting things done that have been put off until I have time is the goal. Because now, I just might
      have time. Thanks for reading. My goal is to also go to bed tired…


  3. I do a word per year and have for about 10 years now. A lovely friend makes me a one of a kind card with the word which sits on the ledge by my kitchen sink. I ponder as I wash dishes. I ponder it as I walk and as I write. My word this year is change. 60 and semi retired. Deciding if I should keep blogging, deciding what to volunteer for, spending time with my wonderful little grandchildren and doing tons of projects I never had time for before.
    I like your list of action items. You are right that the world needs them. It’s become such a harsh place that can feel unsafe. We all need hope and love.
    Take care


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