Never one to fear solitude or think of it as lonely,


she relishes alone-time.
The flowers and trees of the nearby fields
tell her their secrets.
spruce sunset

Grateful for solitude, she turns off the radio to hear the quiet.

16 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I am an extrovert, and I have only recently discovered the beauty of solitude. I love working in my garden and listening to all the sounds Nature provides. I never feel lonely! I am only recharging. Maybe I’m more introverted than I thought….lol.


    • I was just going to ask you if you knew of the personality test that often shows extroverts who need solitude to be recharged. But then in the next comment you label your husband an INTJ. So I guess you know about it. :-)


      • Oh yes! I do. I need to re-take it. I have always tested as an ESFP (total opposite of my husband) but I was NOT extroverted as a child. I wonder if you change through the years? I am becoming more like him, lol! :)


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