90. Blessings on your house

For the rest of Advent and Christmas I will be finishing up my gratitude project for the past year. It was never intended to be anything but for me to document my gratitude and blessings, and help me be intentional about living a joy-filled life for the year. It worked! And if I can encourage anyone else to do something like this, with my December “gratitudes”, then Amen!

What follows are photos from the year with Advent scriptures for reading, studying, or just enjoying. Each photo is captioned with the full scripture —  the Advent scriptures from the website handmaden. (Thanks Lauren!) I’m not a photographer, but my IPhone camera has given me much joy this year as well…

I will be updating every day through December instead of writing regular blogposts. Merry Christmas everyone. Peace and blessings to you all.

8 thoughts on “90. Blessings on your house

    • Thank you! It all started because I struggle with finding joy in the gray winter of Pennsylvania. And I have so many blessings! My husband said, What do you have to be depressed about? He’s usually right (about those sort of things anyway…) :-) It really did help all year — every day I was thinking about blessings rather than the other stuff…
      A joy-filled Christmas to you as well.


      • Yes, there’s nothing like our husbands to give us a little reality check, eh? :) Mine has a knack for doing that too, in the very best of ways. I kept a journal where I wrote my blessings (my gifts), and I’m planning to do it next year too.


    • Thank you! I was just trying to cut out things that were adding unnecessary stress. Although normally it doesn’t, I found — this time of year anyway — writing my posts were in that category!
      But the photos allow me to focus on scripture and the Real Reason we celebrate Christmas!
      Blessed Christmas to you!


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