15. The Color of Light

We’ve been on a mission trip to Alabama for the last week, and I am feeling contemplative…

Color is Light–
every color in white
Refracted, Reflected
Rays from the sun.

Azure, Vermillion,
Lavender, Dun
every shade, every hue–
gritty gray, brilliant blue,

There is nothing new
under the sun
Color is Light
of the World
is the One.


I’m having trouble making decisions on color. For inspiration I’ve been sitting on the back porch looking. Looking at the sky. Looking at the birds. Looking at the world. Every color is here, there.
I believe in creation. I believe everything was lovingly created by an all powerful God — from the sky and sun and stars to the shape and smell and shade of a hydrangea. The world is too full of minute intricacies and creative energies to have just happened…

I didn’t always believe this; I try to be careful with words to not offend, but God the creator has made us to be creators as well. We are made in His image… He has put colors in our eyes, music in our ears, and eternity in our hearts. We are seekers and God is waiting for us to knock at the door. He will never force us to believe, but the created world points us to God. He has made it all:

every human,

every spiderweb,

every note,

every tree,

every color,

— and he is waiting for our hearts to open to him in a thank-you song.

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