148. The Cure for Christmas Scrooges

I’ve been feeling rather like a scrooge these days.

The world’s a mess,

it’s dark december,

and why should i buy more stuff to give to people who already have too much stuff

when so much of the world doesn’t have enough…

The cure?

Christmas ornament

Decorate your tree with old ornaments and don’t buy a single new one. Be sure to take pictures of the beauty.

Christmas angel

Go Christmas Caroling at a nursing home; spend your Christmas money on local kids who won’t get many presents; buy hats and mittens and scarves and donate them to the local Salvation Army; buy food for your local food bank; if you go out to eat this season, tip your server generously as a Christmas present; make gifts of food to give away instead of buying things; or alternately, give gifts from Kiva, World Vision, or Heifer International; visit that friend you’ve put off visiting, because you will regret not doing it someday.  I know this to be true.

the cat's tree

And thank God for your blessings. Your health, your wealth, your family, your house, the food on your table, the beauty around you…

Including a well-behaved kitty cat who loves the Christmas tree, and doesn’t bother those low-hanging ornaments.


I’m joining up with iPhriday today. Use your iPhone to take some pictures and post about them.

13 thoughts on “148. The Cure for Christmas Scrooges

  1. When I saw the picture with your kitty in it, I thought…I wonder what their cat thinks of the pretty tree. So, I chuckled when I read the end of your post!

    Great things to think about this season!


      • I was just saying yesterday to my daughter that I was tired of my mantel decorations. ( I made the wreath 11 years ago when we moved in to this house) Your post has made me think about whether the money for new mantel decorations might be better spent somewhere else. I really appreciate your perspective. Thanks for your post!


        • I have to admit that this is the first year we’ve really decorated the cottage. Last Christmas we hadn’t really moved in yet, and the living room wasn’t finished. So it was an adventure this year finding out what decorations we’d kept and what we’d thrown out. And what to put where. So it wasn’t just the same old for me — and I know how you feel. I try to stay out of stores that make me just want new stuff. And your mantel is beautiful! :-)

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  2. Excellent advice! I tend to find myself getting disgusted this time of year at all the madness. I’m glad to be reminded that it doesn’t have to be that way.


  3. I hear you. I try not to go into stores from October to January. Well, really all year, but these months in particular, because it just depresses me. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only oddball out there. It’s nice to know I’m not. Thanks. :-)


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