The Accidental Orchid Reblooms

Last March I wrote about my accidental orchid, and how astonished I was that this delicate hothouse flower would bloom (seventeen blooms actually) in my humble cottage under my humble and inexperienced care.

Allow me to extol her virtues further. The last of her white flowers dropped off sometime in June. (If I had known that she would be reblooming soon, I would have kept better statistics…) That is a four month period  of spectacular white flowers on my kitchen windowsill. I let her rest for a couple of weeks, and then cut back her two flower stems.

Can you believe that within a week a third stem began to grow, and now, the first day of August, a mere forty days after her last blooms dropped off, this amazing orchid has opened again. This time she has twenty three buds on three different flower stems.

I have come to love her serene beauty so much, that I’m thinking of buying another one to keep her company. I haven’t found the exact right color yet — perhaps a pale pink beauty — a bridesmaid to the Summer Bride.

5 thoughts on “The Accidental Orchid Reblooms

  1. Phalaenopsis are sequential bloomers so they just keep flowering if they are happy and can stay in bloom for months and months. It looks really beautiful, they are such a delight when they bloom


    • I was amazed at how long the blooms lasted. And they never looked tattered or faded; they just dropped off slowly one by one. I’ve never bought fertilizer because she seems so happy. Should I?


      • Fertilizing once a month with an orchid specific fertilizer is good practice. The blooms on a phalaenopsis can last months, they are very rewarding orchids and usually not too fussy.


  2. Hi! I have been away from blogging for quite awhile, but I’m working on getting Warm As Pie running again. I’ve missed seeing your adventures. I hope you are well!

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