128. Perfectionism, Part 3: the struggle

Yes, (sigh) perfectionism has been addressed here before. Twice. Part 1 and Part 2.

The tension between
perfectionism the blessing
and perfectionism the curse
hasn’t been perfected.
Hence, the struggle.
With Imperfectionism.

Let me introduce you to the two characters in this drama —
Mr. H.C. Dunright and Mrs. AHC Doquickly.
Was the tension
and dissension
when one strives for perfection

Things need to move quickly because there is now a CLOSING scheduled on the City House.
Hooray and Hip Hooray.
Thumbs up!
Prayers answered,
and a sale in the middle of January, yet!
And now,
they have only until the end of February to GET THINGS DONE.
Dunright, that is.

Because in March, there is a move scheduled on the calendar.

Mrs. Doquickly hasn’t yet waxed poetic over this end to the three year saga
of renovating a little cottage in rural Pennsylvania.

That might be because
the charming little cottage
isn’t quite renovated.
Not everything is Dunright.

However, Mr. Dunright and Mrs. Doquickly are both working feverishly
to get as much accomplished as possible for two more weeks.
And then there will be pictures.

In the meantime, they are looking for that perfect middle ground
between Dunright and Doquickly.

That perfect middle ground where the uneven floors look level
and the crooked walls look plumb.
Is it level?

12 thoughts on “128. Perfectionism, Part 3: the struggle

  1. Perhaps the imperfections add character? Just tell everyone to lean to the right or left, depending on which room you are in. Hmmm. I am no help at all!


    • Well, you made us laugh and that’s good. These days we aren’t laughing much. After the initial euphoria wore off, we haven’t had time to do anything but work and argue. Ummm — Discuss… :-)


  2. Oh, but tilted floors are charming. They bring new perspective. Just tell them that. Praying that Dunright and Doquickly are able to master it all in timely fashion. Praise God for a winter sale!!


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