127. Bluebirds in January

On the thirty-first of January

I long for warmth — hands and feet always cold…

the sun — so far away it doesn’t even melt the icicles

hanging from the roof,

or the snow on the spruce branches.

spruce trees in the snow

Blue skies?

Mostly the dark gray sky just turns a lighter shade of pale;

morning is only told by the smell of coffee.

The cat takes refuge in the warm dryer.

cat in dryer


Yet there are glimmers —

spirit-lifting bluebirds fly around in the snow;

a bit of brown grass shows underneath the pines;

each day brings an extra minute of precious light.

sunset through the spruce

Feb. 3, 2015: Sunrise 7:04  Sunset 5:16  10 hours 12 minutes of daylight… and counting.

13 thoughts on “127. Bluebirds in January

  1. Keep looking on the bright side – spring will be here soon. :) I love the picture of the cat in the tumble dryer – I bet you have to check quite carefully every time you put it on!


  2. The days are getting longer at least! Loved the “cat in the dryer” photo! I always want to throw my clothes in the dryer before putting them on in the morning! :)


  3. Love your pictures! Particularly the snow-topped spruce trees, and your hilarious cat resting in the dryer, LOL! Funny you wrote this post today, because I was just saying how it was staying lighter a little later today.. –did that make sense? ;)


  4. Yes, it is getting light a little earlier in the morning and staying a little longer in the evening. Love the rare days when the sun shines on the snow!


    • Oh, nothing like yours Daisy! Yours are gorgeous! I wanted a photo of the bluebirds, but I could hardly keep track of them with my eyes, let alone a camera. And I am Very Careful with the dryer door now. ;-)


  5. I’ve noticed the days getting longer too. At least we’re not getting ‘Boston’ type snow. Man o’ man, poor them. I just heard on the news, Winter 2015 is record breaking with over 73″, that’s banana’s.


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