Plastic wrap? Sandwich baggies? Just Say No

Lunches get packed around here five days a week. I take the leftovers; Mr. H. C. prefers a sandwich, fruit, and cookies.

I have Pyrex bowls for the leftovers, but sandwiches just don’t fit well in the bowls. Plus, trying to cram three bowls into a lunch cooler that already contains an ice pack, a pair of safety glasses, sundry small tools, first aid supplies, and yesterday’s banana isn’t easy.

I would guesstimate that 90 percent of our trash is food container waste: plastic that isn’t recyclable. We burn our paper here in the country, we recycle hard plastic, glass, and metal. We are down to one small garbage bag per week. But plastic bags…

Yes, I buy sandwich baggies AND I HATE THEM. I also hate plastic wrap (and if you have never had a long length of the stuff just magically turn into a stuck-together-mess in your hands, I’d like to talk to you about your skills…) The stuff is just plain evil, but until a couple of weeks ago I felt that I didn’t have any other options.

And then I bought 9 organic food wraps from Eteeshop. Here is Mr. H. C.’s neatly wrapped ham sandwich. There are three sizes in a set: small, medium, and large. The medium wraps a sandwich very nicely:

The small wraps up cookies, fruit slices, hard boiled eggs…

These apple slices are not so neatly wrapped but they dropped on the floor and did not open or spill out.

The large wrap will cover a pie or a casserole dish.  Maybe vegetables, like celery or cucumbers? I haven’t experimented with that yet. But I do have a brick of parmesan cheese wrapped up in the fridge.

After using, they might need to be  washed depending what food you’ve wrapped. I usually just brush off cookie crumbs, but I wash the larger ones with cool water and mild soap using a sponge. The wraps are very waterproof and water beads up on them. I usually hang them to dry, but they can easily be dried with a towel.

I’ve used them for two weeks and I’m sold. They are made of cotton and coated with waxes to make them stick to themselves or a dish. If you have trouble getting them to stick (I didn’t) here is a video made by Etee Shop that might help. (Etee is an acronym for Everything Touches Everything Else.) I don’t know how long the stickiness will last, but they are recyclable when they can’t be used as a food wrap any longer.

And just so you know, I’m not getting any material benefit from saying how much I love these cool food wraps. The bright colors make me smile early in the morning. And I’m also smiling because I don’t have to spend time untangling plastic wrap any longer…

9 thoughts on “Plastic wrap? Sandwich baggies? Just Say No

  1. Waxed paper is my preferred wrapping material because it can go into the compost recycling can. I too have moved to glass for food storage and attempt to avoid plastics.


      • I had to check several stores to find waxed paper the last time I ran out but I found it at Target. Safeway seems to carry only what is popular. Amazon has Cut-rite waxed sandwich bags but one should not have order online for what should be available at a local store. Yet retailers wonder why Amazon is taking over.

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  2. Wow!! thanks for this information. I, too, hate the plastic wars; and just the other day my husband said bad words, very bad words, when he tried to use plastic wrap and ended up with a big ball of nothing. I intend to get some of the wraps; and I’ll thank you fervently every time I use them. So will my husband.

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  3. I remember a time when food was wrapped in waxed paper. My last box of sandwich bags will be my last and I aim to replace cling film with eco-friendly silicon pot lids. I think packaging and labelling controls should be stricter; the fat/sugar/salt/calorie content on foods should be displayed on the front of packaging alongside the recycling information, with companies given a deadline of when to make all packaging recyclable.


    • I’m told that England (and maybe some other countries too) are considering placing a tax on companies that use plastic packaging. Someday soon I’m writing my legislators and urge them to consider it. I don’t know, though, I think the plastics industry in the US is too much of a big bully to go up against… Thanks for commenting.

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