Pop of color

taillights in rain

Driving home in the dark

in the rain

the car sped past us

weaving between lanes.

Almost hit the guard rails

two, three times.

too fast for conditions

ignoring white lines.

Not wanting to see or be

a fiery crash,

We pulled way back–

watched brake lights flash.

He disappeared in the dark

we saw no trace

of ambulance or car wreck

or police chase.

Driving rain transformed to a gentle fog

with misty, eerie light,

home was a mystery novel–

It was a dark and stormy night…

fog and street light

I hope the other car was safely home too…

Gratitude for traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “Pop of color

    • Well it was just kind of a brainstorm as we were watching the tail lights and brake lights come on in front of us. And it’s so gray and cold here right now, I was unsure if any pops of color would show up the next day!


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