114. For the love of rainy days

barn in rain clouds
There is a spare beauty in gray mist
floating and rising from the valley floor,
Droplets on the window panes,
the quiet whishing of rain on the trees.
rainy day

Melancholy, some say.
But it teaches patience
and the understanding that we can’t always have our own way.

We are not in control of much,
though we like to plan and wear the foreman’s white hat.

Urbanization has meant misunderstanding of rainy days.
For city dwellers
rain brings spoiled plans, ruined picnics, traffic snarls.

Farmers, gardeners,
And those living in drought


The earth thirsts for rain,
And the water feeds and
fertilizes and
fills and

Inside, I ponder the choices.
Organize drawers, Write, Read, Sew, Bake bread, Take a nap?

Be productive,
Or not.
Such Luxury.

And the world looks so much sweeter when the sun breaks through.

shadows on the grass

8 thoughts on “114. For the love of rainy days

  1. The ones who walk barefoot on the earth know the power of the rain. It’s one of the reasons we’re moving to a place where it rains! I love when you strike out from exposition!


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