110. Song for July

Barn painted, tractor repaired,
Barn painted
Jewels ripening, jam jars prepared.
Catalpas blooming,
catalpa blooming
hammocks waiting to be hung.
field of thistlesFields of wildflowers smiling at the sun.
Goldfinches yearning for those early seeds,
Spotted fawns feasting on the high weeds.
spotted fawn
Spider webs in the oven instead of on the grill,
Sunrise in July
  Sun rises early over the distant hill.
 Berries transformed, sweet on the tongue.
bare feet in clover
Bare feet in the clover,
July's song is sung.

22 thoughts on “110. Song for July

  1. I love this! The images, the feelings of July. Especially the bare feet in clover! And the berries. Your pictures are so idyllic for this city girl. :) Your picture of July is refreshing.


  2. Ahhhh…. your blog is a perfect early Sabbath morning detour. I’m having that last sip of coffee before I get ready to bathe, dress and go to church and brunch. A delightful post…I’ll be back again. A blessed Sunday to you! :)


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