103. Why Did I Buy This Three Dollar Sign?


Imagine if I hung this sign outside.
 Who would stop?
 Strangers? Friends?
 Would the sign slow down an angry world?
 Or rust?
 Would I serve what was needed?
Gourmet or comfort or soul food?
 Or would I, blinded by myself, 
miss their need?
It's unexpected. It's holy. 
Do I dare?

13 thoughts on “103. Why Did I Buy This Three Dollar Sign?

  1. I strive to make my house a place where people feel at home. Anyone can stop by and I will stop what I’m doing to visit. Many have told me they feel at ease when they stop by unexpected. Even the appraiser said, “I feel very comfortable in the house”. Hang the sign!!!


    • I strive for that, but it don’t come easy. I’m not a particularly neat housekeeper; and chances are I’m mortified if someone comes over unexpectedly and the house is in disarray.( I try to keep the living room fairly neat.) And honestly, with two houses in disarray for more than 18 months, I think I’ve forgotten the fine art of hospitality! I hope it comes raring back when we finally get moved and straightened up.


  2. Not only was it good luck, it was asked of us, wasn’t it? All those Samaritan stories????
    I think once we move, the sign is going up! And I’ll just always have soup and bread in the freezer… :-)


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