95. If one wall takes six months, how long do six walls take?

I’ve been thinking about this dining room wall for at least six months.

  • First, trying to figure out a color that was bold, but not too bold.
  • Second, getting the brainstorm of vintage wallpaper and even sending away for samples. (And asking you, dear readers, which one you preferred. See Post 79. The Corner Dining Room. Some of you sensibly said, “No Wallpaper!”)
  • Third, chickening out on the time, money, and effort to decide on and actually DO wallpaper.
  • Fourth, back to picking a paint color that was bold, but not too bold.
  • Etc.

In the meantime we worked on other walls. Mr. HC did wiring; I did priming; we both did painting. And for the last two weekends we’ve been working on The Wall (aka Wall # 4). I can’t show you the complete pictures until it is all finished, but here is a teaser:

There are some details to be finished because, when we left today, some of the paint was still wet. Also, the mirror has to be hung between the sconces, and Mr. HC won’t hang the mirror until the ceiling is finished. (Sometimes he is so unreasonable!) 😄 And the ceiling can’t go up until this wall is finished:

Wall # 5. It won’t take as long to finish this one as it did Wall # 4.

It’s always something!

9 thoughts on “95. If one wall takes six months, how long do six walls take?

    • We do too! And I was very nervous about it because I didn’t want to darken the room a bit. It’s only got three windows on the SW side. But the rest of the walls are creamy white so it’s okay. Always good to hear from you!



  1. Great color choice! Our main bathroom was gutted to the studs and sub-floor and restored to match the period of the house…including real plaster walls. No sooner than it was nearly finished I had to open one wall as part of the drain system replacement project. That was seven years ago. How long to finish six walls. Maybe never…


    • You’re right — haha– maybe never! We had to do that in our city house, only the wall we had to take out was the wall on the other side of the bathroom. It still isn’t fixed. The worst part is we have to fix up the city house also in order to get it sale-ready…


    • Yes! You do!!!
      Mr. HC and I both know that we are supposed to have and fix up this cottage, but sometimes I read those biblical passages about dwelling too much on earthly things and I feel guilt. Especially the one about the farmer who built another barn to store his grain! :-)
      Stay warm and try to enjoy being house-bound!


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