73. July berry days

Can there be anything more soul uplifting than a July sky day of clear blue and white?
July sky

The berry path beckons…

the berry path beckons...

the berry path beckons…

Luscious red and purple berries hang amidst thorns and stickers
tempting, teasing,
Further in the bigger, plumper berries dangle in clumps, tantalizing.Black raspberries

How far in will you go to fill your basket?
picking berries

The briars stripe red across your hands.
The sun swelters long-sleeved arms. Eyes sting from sweat.
The thorns grow thornier; the poison ivy thrives,
and who knows what lurks in the stickery thicket just beyond your boot?

natural arbor
The cool of a wild grape arbor is welcome shade, and scratches are redeemed by buckets filled with berries.

Butterfly weedIMG_2331
The surprise of unexpected flowers and clouds add joy and sweetness to the burst of berries on a purple tongue.

And to cool the evening, berry dessert on the porch.
Watermelon and berry dessert
These perfect days refresh our souls…

15 thoughts on “73. July berry days

  1. You are such a good photographer! We spent a part of yesterday picking blueberries! Now I have to figure out some fun and yummy ways to use them. Our Blueberry,strawberry,granola,yogurt parfaits were delicious!


    • Thank you! It’s just my old IPhone camera!
      There’s something so fun about picking berries. Even in the heat and the bugs. I think it must be that we are made to gather food…and berries are so good! Mmm a parfait sounds delicious…


  2. The sweat, the scratches, the swearing …. It’s a good thing berries are a perfect food and perfectly delicious!


  3. I am eagerly awaiting blackberry season in my part of the country. They grow everywhere — even alongside the highway. There’s nothing like fresh berries — all the briars notwithstanding! I like to think it gives us a glimpse of what it must have been like to live in Eden.


    • There were several ripe blackberries among the raspberries here, so it shouldn’t be long…

      Eden, yes… but we humans weren’t even satisfied there… Humbling to think about, isn’t it?


  4. Beautiful post! it very accurately describes how I feel on these summer days. My husband and I picked cherries over the week-end and are enjoying a cherry dessert (pie in our case). And, I’m anxiously waiting for our black raspberries to ripen.


    • Thank you! You’ve made me hungry for dessert! (which I’m trying — without much success — to stay away from…) So right now I’m having berries for breakfast, so we won’t have enough to make a crisp… :-)


    • Thank you. We just returned after 4 days at the Jersey Shore. And though it was so beautiful at the ocean,
      (tap your heels together three times and say…) There’s no place like home. :-)


  5. I was almost right there in the scratchy, sweaty part. My MIL had a giant patch of Raspberries in their old yard. I used to look after the yard for her, mow and weed and such and those darn raspberries were a challenge to keep in one corner. It’s like they grew over-night, but them’s the brakes when you get free treats later.


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