73. July berry days

Can there be anything more soul uplifting than a July sky day of clear blue and white?
July sky

The berry path beckons…

the berry path beckons...

the berry path beckons…

Luscious red and purple berries hang amidst thorns and stickers
tempting, teasing,
Further in the bigger, plumper berries dangle in clumps, tantalizing.Black raspberries

How far in will you go to fill your basket?
picking berries

The briars stripe red across your hands.
The sun swelters long-sleeved arms. Eyes sting from sweat.
The thorns grow thornier; the poison ivy thrives,
and who knows what lurks in the stickery thicket just beyond your boot?

natural arbor
The cool of a wild grape arbor is welcome shade, and scratches are redeemed by buckets filled with berries.

Butterfly weedIMG_2331
The surprise of unexpected flowers and clouds add joy and sweetness to the burst of berries on a purple tongue.

And to cool the evening, berry dessert on the porch.
Watermelon and berry dessert
These perfect days refresh our souls…