44. thankfulness 360

it’s my new project.

you’ll see it up there on my pages.

i’m not advertising me, just suggesting it to you.


it is helping me find joy and gratitude again.

i would say

snap out of it, self.

look at your blessings!

my husband said,

what do you have to be depressed about?

he’s right of course.

he usually is (at least about the stuff that matters….)

i blamed it on winter and no sun.

I blamed it on the busy-ness of holidays.

i blamed it on all the bad stuff that’s been happening


around the world


it was Christmas, for goodness sake.

the Joyful time of year.


i wasn’t.

so i’m taking pictures

every day.


all that makes me smile,


the little blessings that make me happy.

and i’m finding it again.

each day with each small thing

i think

is this the one i want to photograph?

and now i’m walking around all day long

thinking about saying thank you to the Creator



my heart is overflowing again.


of one little project.

you don’t even have to look at my photos.

take your own.

and give thanks.

10 thoughts on “44. thankfulness 360

  1. Thank you! I can’t take much credit. It was an amazingly beautiful day on the Gulf of Mexico near Gulfport, MS. Everyone was taking pictures of them– I even snapped a photo of someone taking a photo. I just pointed my camera in the air and clicked.


  2. What a gorgeous picture! Seriously beautiful.

    I love the idea and the heart behind these photos. Saying a prayer for you today and wishing you many blessings.

    On another note, have you read 1,000 Gifts? I wrote a review of it a long time ago. If you haven’t already, it’s so very worth the read. Reminds me of your story here. I’m going to add the link to my review just in case you haven’t read and want to know a little more.



  3. Thank you. I did read it last year. My sister is doing her devotional and suggested it to me. I might try that eventually, but I felt the need to DO something, because just reading and praying wasn’t turning out to be enough. And it should be, shouldn’t it? Jesus should always be enough! Thanks for your prayers.


  4. Beautiful words and photo!!! I am still pondering over what my project 365 is going to be but taking photo’s each day seems so much fun. There is so much beauty around us! :)

    Thanks for sharing this post! :D


  5. The sun is shining again today; praise God. I love your blogs. Visit me again so we can have some laughs!! You and Beth are good therapy for me. Love you!!


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