43. ReHabitat-ing the Yellow Bedroom, Part 2

Today was a double blessing day: our long awaited, too-expensive, gorgeous kitchen faucet arrived; and, in the mail was my reVive box from reHabitat, the fabulous design team who took on The Yellow Bedroom. (see post 37. ReHabitat-ing the Yellow Bedroom.)

ReHabitat ReVive Box

I was good. I did all my chores first, and then I cleaned off the table, made a cup of tea, and sat down with my treasure — all the while admiring the cool packaging.Inside the reVive Box
What caught my eye first was the beautiful fabric that was folded up inside — a gorgeous embroidered square of fall colored leaves. I love foliage!Inside the reVive Box
The next goodie was a whole page of accessories and photos layered on swatches of colors — a design board for inspiration. Bedding, lamps, curtain suggestions, all individualized to our room and our tastes. WOW! The best idea was a DIY headboard made from an old door, with a shelf on top for pictures, books, and candles. Umm, we’ve got some old doors hanging around…

Underneath the design board was the shopping list, which included websites and prices of most everything pictured on the design board. (The ceiling light and the closet doors were included just for inspiration.) I could just click away to PotteryBarn.com and look close up at the beautiful quilt. (Michael nixed it; he said it was too flowery!) Next to the shopping list was a palette of paint colors to choose from, and underneath that was the floor plan that showed us what pieces to use where.Floor plan from reVive Box
When my excitement settled down, I turned to read the pages of notes titled “We recommend…” (2 1/2 pages of recommendations!) Really, it just organized and clarified everything that had already been suggested, as well as gave us suggestions on how to prioritize, i.e., what would make the most difference (besides painting the yellow, of course!) The slide show below contains some of the suggestions — using what we have, interspersed with what we might want to purchase.

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I am so excited about this; it was just what I needed to reVive my spirits! I’m thinking that I don’t want to get off track from the kitchen, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a serene, finished room while we’re busy working on everything else? A place where we could just shut the door and look outside and pretend? All we need is some paint and some new curtains and…

Now if only someone would just come and do the work for us????

9 thoughts on “43. ReHabitat-ing the Yellow Bedroom, Part 2

  1. Way too cool Carol! Loved the slide show presentation. I am going to hire you to do my house when you finish AppleHill Cottage. Never heard of getting advice like this. This is the second time today I’ve come across etsy. Had not heard of this website before.


  2. Looks and sounds like your bedroom will become a real retreat for you. It’s going to be just lovely! Can’t wait to see photos when you all done. Love the idea of using a door for a headboard. I think it’s really cool that you’re using some family heirlooms in the design. Best wishes on your project.



  3. Nice work, Emily and Diane! I’m glad you kept the oak dresser and Michael’s bedstand. I have to agree with Michael about the flowery quilt, though. And Mom, the lamp with the green lampshade that you said that you love – the base reminds me of the old candlesticks in Granddad’s basement! Cool.


    • Yes, We have two of those candlesticks and I just asked Michael if he thought we could put them together and make our own lamp base from them.
      Also, I have to stick up for ReHabitat–they wanted me to use the OTHER side of the quilt and it isn’t flowery at all. But I didn’t snatch it right up and missed the sale price. ;-( (I was warned.)


  4. I can understand your excitement! I would agree with you, it would be nice if you could get your bedroom “retreat” while working on the rest of the house so you can close the door and forget about everything else. Everything looks great!


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