16. The Color of Apples

More thoughts on color…I’ll try to keep to the topic this time.

I’m having trouble making decisions about paint color in the kitchen. It is — or will be — black and white mostly (floors, cabinets, counter tops, walls) with rich chestnut-colored wood antique pieces (island, cupboard, butcher block tops). It needs an accent color. I thought I had decided on a delicious apple-cranberry red. Sister Diane (rehabitatdesign.com) sent me 10 sample shades of cranberry-ish reds from Benjamin Moore. Every time I looked at them, I chose a new color as the one I liked best. Asking Mr. H.C. for his favorite just confused matters even further. Being a word person, the names of the colors matter to me–several times my favorite turned out to be Confederate Red, but how could I pick that color for a Pennsylvania cottage kitchen? Why couldn’t my favorite be Hot Apple Spice? (Pomegranate wasn’t bad and that’s acceptable…I DO realize this is extremely silly.) I finally put them away in the envelope to look at again later.

This kitchen (with our floor) doesn’t seem to have any other colors except the general colors of the accessories–pottery, dishes, glassware, etc. I guess that’s always an option. (Just look at what light does to the colors in this photo!)

While the samples were languishing away in the envelope, I received my free issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I signed up for a free year at the Home Show in February and had it sent to the Apple Hill address. It’s the only mail we get there, and it’s always a nice surprise. In this issue is a lovely black and white kitchen with apple green accents. (Are you noticing a theme here? It is called Apple Hill Cottage after all!) The original rooms in the cottage were all painted in different shades of green. Not anything particularly inspiring, but green nevertheless. After considering it a bit, I’ve realized that green has always been my favorite color. Even as a young kid when people would ask my favorite color, I would say green. There isn’t a hue or shade of green that I don’t like (unless it’s some shade of yellow that is being falsely called green). In my current house, three rooms are green and the living room is autumn colors with a moss green rug and chair. So after checking out the onscreen colors at Benjamin Moore, I’ve decided I like Lime Twist, Paradise Hills Green, Fresh Grass, and Apple Lime Cocktail. (Napa Vineyards is nice too.) Notice that these colors all have perfectly lovely names–Paradise Hills Green, ahhh…

The floor is wood, but these might be the general colors…

I was looking at the Armstrong tile page and I came across a “picture this floor” demo. Choose the room you’re doing, the style of your room, the floor you like, the cabinet color (very limited choices here), a paint color and…Voila:

I got to compare the green colors listed above; this one pictured is Lime Twist. It’s a very fun tool. You can find it here: Armstrong Room Planner.

This is just for the general idea–I really disliked all the reds I tried.

So now I’m back to confusion again. Blue is definitely out, because Mr. H.C. hates blue. Who knew? How could he have such aversion to the color of sky? I recently read a blurb on color that suggested people score better while taking tests in rooms that are painted blue. The same article suggested painting your ceilings blue, the sky color, for calming effects. Noooo, don’t want a blue ceiling. I do love this kitchen though:

The screen door to the pantry is so interesting, and I was planning on putting one just like it in our kitchen going into the pantry/laundry room/basement, but Michael says no go. Bad air flow for a screen or something like that…

Another color consideration is this– There is not a lot of natural light in our kitchen, and I think this is a point for the light, spring green. A double window is over the sink and the only other light comes from the narrow french doors we found for the entry.

$35 each–$70 total. SOLD!

It was so exciting to find these. We’d had a long dry spell at our favorite Junque store haunts and were thinking we’d just have to go with Big Box new. After pricing one up ($750 at HD!) we stopped at the ReStore in Washington. Two miles and ten minutes later we found these beauties.

The message here is: Patience. (I think I’ve heard that before!) Don’t be in a hurry.

So what I really think is this: If you surround yourself with what you like and don’t worry about style, or trends, or matching colors, it will all turn out lovely in the end. I’m hoping!

8 thoughts on “16. The Color of Apples

  1. Being a turquoise/robin egg blue kind of person, I like the white kitchen with the blue accents by far the best. Husbands, though, get preference over readers…..


  2. Napa Vineyards ARE nice! :) You should have amazing wooden counter tops like in the first picture, too. I can’t help you with paint choices, though. I’ve never painted a single room in any of the places where I’ve lived.


    • I tried to get Michael to consider wood and he refused, saying wood doesn’t go around a sink. THEN we saw an absolutely beautiful mahogany countertop at Home Depot (of all places). Very pricey, but he loved it. He is a carpenter after all…(I hope all these samples don’t cost you anything?)


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