swarm in november?

the birds flew a week ago

before the record cold.

the ladybugs have disappeared

(except for the few who are still hanging around on my kitchen ceiling…)

the bees are safe

making honey in their hives,

even the stinkbugs have gone into hiding.

here at the cottage

there are no swarms of bicycles, umbrellas, cars, or children.

there are swarms of leaves,

but I took that photo last week…

there’s a swarm of paint cans in the basement

(but that does not inspire.)

i was just about to pass on this challenge.

after all, i’m plenty busy cooking and cleaning

this week before thanksgiving.

and then, standing by the kitchen sink,

i look out the window.

sycamore branches

this is my view all winter long.

i’ve taken pictures of it before.

it’s spare;

it’s subtle;

a swarm of sycamore achenes

hanging in the november sky.


and i’m grateful for the sameness of the seasons — the cycles of nature that come round each year.