99. Going, going, gone

It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote about this lovely chandelier and wished it gone from the ceiling!
Ox yoke chandelier

Mr. H.C read the post and kindly obliged two weeks later. But first there was electric work to be finished in the attic.
New chandelier
Have you seen these new bucket ceiling lights? They are all the rage in Europe. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them at your local Ikea soon. (Yes, we buy Kilz Primer by the five-gallon bucket.)

Then there were ceiling boards to prime and paint and nail up; but at the end of the day weekend, this is how the ceiling had changed. Presto. Change-o. (Well, not quite that fast…) A beautiful new old ceiling light.
Schoolhouse ceiling light

And I can’t resist one more view from the living room into the kitchen:
Schoolhouse lights

You can tell that the ceiling doesn’t yet have its final coats of paint, but we just couldn’t wait to see it without being yoked to that old chandelier.
Ahhh…. Life is good.

49. Ta daaa…..

Those of you who read this blog on a regular or semi-regular basis (I love all of you!) know that we have been working on the kitchen window project for a VERY long time.

There have been posts on looking for replacement windows, posts on sanding windows, posts on priming windows, posts on reglazing windows, there have even been posts philosophizing on windows…

So there’s no need to go over how excruciatingly long and painful the process was. I will just show you a couple of photos and shut up about windows already…


Note the beautiful detail behind the center post. Note the shiny, stained dark oak sill.


Note the lovely new hanging lamp…


Even Mr. Henry loves the new windowsill...

Even Mr. Henry loves the new windowsill…

I guess I could show you a before picture as well…


August 2011