10. Clara’s Kitsch

July 12 is the first anniversary of when we buried Clara and cancelled the auction of Apple Hill Cottage. So Clara, this one’s for you…)

Hello Readers,

Today we are trying something new. Reader interaction! Most of Clara’s Treasures that she sold in the Gazebo Tree House (you should read the first post–Apple Hill Cottage : the Story here) were taken away by the auctioneer when the house was being cleaned out and readied for auction. But not all! I’m undecided about what to keep and what to toss, so you get to vote! Below are pictures of some of her Kitschy Treasures. (I am decidedly NOT a seventies fan, so this is especially difficult for me.) So with your help, we can figure this out. Look at the items, read the captions, then get busy and vote. You can leave comments, too!

Clara was from Colton, a small town in California outside of San Bernardino. She met Joe, a soldier from Pine Bank, and when they married, he brought her to Greene County. Talk about culture shock! This is on the wall outside by the door.

Clara had all sorts of plaques, signs, and wooden shelves. This one was hanging above the pantry door, where else?

I think I saw something very similar to this switch plate at Anthropologie… Well, not quite…

The color don't go with our day-core… We saw a red one for sale in a shoppe for $60.

The color don’t go with our day-core… We saw a red one for sale in a shoppe for $60.

There are two of these wooden butterflies on the chicken coop–one on each corner. I don’t know, could they be painted up?

This is on the outside of the house by the front door.

This is also on the outside by the front door. I took down the high one above the door–I was afraid it might fall on someone’s head. That would really be bad luck!

This is a cast iron shelf with a metal towel bar underneath, about 15″ long. The colors are bad in this photo, but it’s orange, of course. Her favorite color. Paint it? Ditch it?

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, Go to it! The Poll is below. You may vote for as many as you like, and the poll stays open until Sept. 30, 2012. Have fun!