Lilacs in September

The lilac bush in the backyard

Is blooming.

In September.

Their scent perfumes the whole house.

It’s breathtaking.

It’s September.

Abundant and lush in April,

Glorious and

Not surprising.

But now, blooming in Autumn…

Is it desperation?

A gasp before dying?

September, we can take this two ways—

An unordered universe?

Or an unexpected gift?

13 thoughts on “Lilacs in September

  1. Lovely lovely photos. I love liliacs so much. I guess I would look it as a gift of climate change? 2 years ago we had a crocus bloom about this time and they normally bloom in April.


  2. Our crocuses started to send up green shoots a couple weeks ago. Who knows what is going on?!!! What a wonderful gift – I love lilacs!!

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