5 thoughts on “Overwintered Herbs

  1. My herbs did ok but I managed to overharvest about a month ago and they are still trying to muster much more new growth. I have a few thoughts about how to try them again next winter.


  2. My thyme, which looks no worse than yours, is outside in the garden. I’m astonished that my rosemary, also hanging round out in the herb bed, has made it through the last two winters. I’m not sure about the sage; it’s not looking good. The parsley has made it, and has green sprouts. It looks a little ragged, and I’ve read it’s not as tasty the 2nd year.

    But the fuchsia on our hillside! Blooming fuchsia is always, for me, the announcement that it is now spring, and lifts my spirits. A little early, but my heart whispers, “He is Risen!”.

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    • I’m amazed that your rosemary survived outside. I’ve managed thyme and parsley outside, but for some reason, this year I brought everything in. I’m just no good at rosemary I guess. I just buy a new plant every year! Happy Easter! He is risen, indeed…


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