Garden for Joy

The best, absolute best, thing that you can do for your peace of mind right now is to go  plant some seeds.

I can absolutely testify to this; vitamin D is necessary to your physical health and your emotional well being.

Cut your long winter fingernails and stick your hands in the dirt.

Sunflower seeds that were missed by the birds, sprouted, and got transplanted into a straight line in the sun.













Gardening is hope for the future.

Is it too early for peach blossoms? I hope not.


Gardening is planting seeds of joy.

Future spot of spinach, mixed lettuces, and beets…
















And gardening in pots on your back porch, side porch, front porch counts too… This is the year to plant those seeds of hope.

I’m adding a link for those of you who might be new to sticking your hands in the dirt. It’s a great resource. Victory gardens 2020!


8 thoughts on “Garden for Joy

    • Oh, I hope your snow goes away soon! We have had 4 days of sun here (Almost unheard of for early April) and it has really lifted my spirits. Thanks for commenting. May your seeds grow! :-)


  1. I am anxious to get outside and do yard work! Yesterday I pruned the blueberry bushes. I know it is a little late but better late than never! I am thankful for videos from people who know what they are doing!! Today is baking day – Easter bread (Puska) to send to our kids. And, I am going to be making masks. What an odd thing to do during Holy Week! Hope is alive!!


    • Hope is alive– It’s something we have to remind ourselves of hourly, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for all of this.
      I think I dropped the ball on us meeting up earlier–and now it seems that won’t be happening any time soon. Easter blessings to you and Bill — what a strange Holy Week, indeed. But, I think, no less holy…


  2. I just came upon your 7/23/17 poem on your blog about your sycamore. Loved it so much!!! I’m glad to have found this lovely blog. We are having beautiful sunny weather over here in Portland OR.

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