Mudroom Again…

I’ve written about the mudroom in our little cottage before. And before. And before.

It’s been two years since we’ve worked on it, because work stopped dead on the ceiling when we discovered a leak in the roof by the chimney. So nothing could be done until we had a new roof.

img_7708This summer we put on the new roof. But still nothing could be done about the ceiling because. Money. Time. Or lack thereof. You know, LIFE.

So the entrance to the cottage had an insulation ceiling and one wall that wasn’t finished. And a door and window that never got trimmed out because of inertia. Or lack thereof.

The wall you see when you walk into the cottage looks like this:img_7705

Not so impressive. Even though the kitchen has been 100% gutted and redone and is now gorgeous. Even though the living room and dining room were 98% gutted and redone. (We kept  the pine flooring that was under carpet, padding, and a layer of battleship linoleum.) But the first impression is bad.

But now — Now we have a white beadboard ceiling that matches the kitchen. We have trim around the door and window. And we have a real ceiling light, not this one:

Which light do you prefer?

Did I mention we now have real trim around the door and window?


This door has been in place since October 2, 2012 when the outside of the house was still blue… It’s been so long since it’s been in that we have lost misplaced the little plugs that go around the small windows. We’re sure they are around somewhere, but it’s low on the priority list to spend hours looking for them. Maybe when This Old House calls us….

And just in case you’ve forgotten (I had) this is an early shot of the original demolition in the mudroom, ca. 2013.

In the meantime, we’re working on the 4th wall…

Finished and Unfinished...On the left is the finished kitchen....On the right is the only unfinished wall of the mudroom.

Finished vs. Unfinished…On the left is the finished kitchen….On the right is the only unfinished wall left in the mudroom. Those wires will be hidden soon…and there will be one last post on the mudroom.

9 thoughts on “Mudroom Again…

  1. Oh, don’t I know the feeling! I’ve revisited insulation a dozen times, each time interrupted by a) the need to leave areas open for utilities word, b) the need to wait for inspections of other categories, c) the need to devote time and energies to more pressing construction, d) the need to avoid the attic when it’s in the triple digits, and a half dozen other reasons. But, we’ve put in the hearth for the wood stove. The last of the stove pipe parts and direct vent bits are ordered and pending. That means…heat! And, of course, heat means it’s time to finish the insulation. No point in heating the great outdoors. So, line up the various inspections and get it moving.

    I really do understand. The mudroom is looking lovely. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


  2. I going to have to vote for the fixture on the left only because I have four in my house from the rewire done back in 1998-1999…yep, still working on finding ($$$) and installing four fixtures. The one on the right does look a whole lot better. ;-)


  3. Four! And I thought we had a one-of-a-kind fixture there! When Mr. H.C. was about to put it up three years ago, he held it over his head and said, Hey I’ve got an idea. It made me laugh anyway… But that’s about all I can say for it. And yes, retro fixtures are expensive. We’ve scrounged.


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