46. how i spent my weekend…

Mr. H.C. is still working on the windows. He insists we can’t proceed until we get them painted and installed.

So unless I wanted to clean the chimney in the kitchen, there was only one thing for me to do…

take off the wallpaper in the yellow bedroom.

There’s not much to say about it. Taking off wallpaper is taking off wallpaper…

Much boring scraping.

But there are pictures. The wall in the yellow bedroom went from this:

70s orange flowered wallpaper

I don’t think this will win the Wallpaper of the Week award, but I did save a swatch for my “Vintage Wallpaper” scrapbook…



to this




to this! Bring on the sparkle and the primer…



























And I have to say one more thing… (Okay, I admit it, I can’t just write a short post…) We made a trip to Washington to Westmoreland Supply–the nearest Benjamin Moore paint dealer. I checked their website; they were open until 3 on Saturday. We got there at 12:20, and the sign on the door said Closed. Saturday hours 9-12.

I was not happy. While waiting in the truck for Michael to buy our lunch in Mr. Gyros, I fired off an email to the place on the website where it says “Contact us.” I complained. I figured that would be the end of the story, but I did feel a little better. Before we even got our gyros eaten, the owner of the company had emailed me back apologizing and offering me a FREE gallon of BenMoore paint! Yippee! So now I have nothing but good to say about those nice people at Westmoreland Supply! What a generous thing for him to do. Turned unhappy :-( into happy :-) in about two seconds. One free gallon of Winter Wheat! Whooo-eee!

8 thoughts on “46. how i spent my weekend…

  1. Nice job on the wall Carol. I am a firm believer in giving businesses feedback, positive or negative. I try to be polite about it. But I could not get a deli on St. John to give me a refund on their banana bread. I swear it had no bananas. The latest issue of Consumer Reports rates interior paints and tape.


    • Yes, we had no bananas… They have the strongest flavor–I’ve never had plantains; are they as strong as bananas?
      On another note, it’s easier to complain than to give positive feedback. I’m going to try to remember that….


  2. How funny! i just decided a few days ago that my blog needed a new look. Without realizing it, I picked the same design as you. Great minds think alike, I guess. :)


  3. Isn’t it great when you get a response like that from an owner? Treating customers like that will only make them want to always come back. So happy you got a free gallon!! (Btw, I vote for Winter Wheat…)


    • Yes it is! In fact, the owner even said in his email that they were a small business and they take customer service very seriously. It sure made my day! And I would always rather support a small local business. Thanks for the vote – I think that’s the one I’m going with.


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