122. Quiet

December isn’t usually a quiet month.

But for some reason, (God-appointed perhaps?) quiet is my focus-word for December. It wasn’t supposed to be — December was to be Joy or Giving…

Yet here it is: one month left in 2014 and one word left for the monthly focus. Quiet.

snow on branches

I’ve been wondering what to do about it. In a way it is appropriate for me because for the last several years — actually the last two three decades — I’ve moaned and groaned about the commercialization of Christmas. And quietly, I’ve tried to eliminate much of the hoopla, created by modern culture. I don’t go into stores unless I have to — but even I noticed that commercial Christmas was there on the shelves right alongside the Halloween masks.

Christmas decorationsIf honesty were to prevail, I have to admit that I like bringing Christmas into my house. Those little white lights made in China? I like them. Big red bows? Yes. Two on the mantle please. And a garland or two or as well. Make my own Christmas cards? Check. Make lots of cookies? Check. Can you hear the Jewish man Tevye singing in the background? Tra-di-tion!

I just finished photo101 in which I published a photo and poem each week day for a month. And I enjoyed it. It was different; I felt like I had assignments, and I mostly got them finished with a decent grade, as well as making new friends in blogland.

But, if honesty were to prevail, I have to admit that this is mostly what my morning devotions looked like:Technology

And so for Advent, my blog is going quiet. So that I will be distraction-free for quiet contemplation on the coming of Jesus. To the world. To the Church. And to me.

So for your Advent and Christmas season, I urge you to try on some Quiet. Breathe. And make room for the quiet whisper of the Savior.

people who walked in darkness


The orange leaves triumph
for but a time;
then fall to the ground
to be raked, bagged,
wind blown, composted –

the tree triumphs
for but a time
then falls to the ground
to be chopped, burned, planed,
firewood, timber, boards –

men, women, you, me,
we triumph for but a time;
then we fall to the ground,
the way of all life;
ashes to ashes,
dust to dust…
to be mourned, buried,
cremated, interred –


but that is not the end.

For God
For all time.

He rescues us
From dust
and calls us
To live
In Triumph
With Him