Eminent Domain, Part 1 The Disruption of Everyday Life

Part One:
The Disruption of Everyday Life

We know everyday life.
 It happens… daily.
 the ho-hum
 that goes by slowly.

Some of us thrive on routine,
 a plan.
Others of us would rather
 the unexpected,
 the surprise,
 the unforeseen
 in our day.
But real disruption —
 the snarl on the highway that makes us twenty minutes late;
 the sickness that makes us miss work for a day/a month/a year;
 the storm that floods or damages or destroys;
 the divorce or death that tears apart our family;
 the disruptions that no one wants —
We don’t get to choose, do we?

Whatever your belief —
 the God of the universe
 random chance —
 we all suffer from
 the disruption of everyday life in
 some way,
 some place,
 some time.

the big question is
 What do we do with that disruption?

Invite it to stay for dinner?
Bolt the door, sit shivering by the fire,  
and wait for it to sneak in the back door?
Throw a blanket over it, and pretend it is a chair?

Turn the page, Reader, and
Come face to face with 


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