53. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

    Kitchen countertop and sink laid out on paper and ordered  √
    Dishwasher ordered and ready for pickup at Sears  √
    Black and white VCT flooring tile ordered  √
    Old linoleum and tar paper scraped off the kitchen floor  √
    Sliding glass door frame and surrounding wall demoed   √
    French doors framed in  √
    The kitchen subfloor discovered to be 5/4″ thick. √
    Subway tile for behind sink purchased and waiting  √
    Two new electrical outlets installed (ahead of schedule)  √
    A renovation calendar with projects clearly scheduled  √
    A yellow bedroom that will soon have to be renamed the White Bedroom  √

Oh my! There is so much good progress, I hardly want to show you the bad and the ugly.

But for the sake of truth in blogdom, I will.

The Bad:

    It was really hard work taking up the linoleum. I might have whined several times. Our backs and our knees reminded us that we are OLD…
    I don’t understand why 18″ dishwashers are more expensive than 24″ dishwashers. Less parts, smaller = bigger price. Totally unfair!
    We found another mummified mouse — this one was under the refrigerator when we moved it to pull up the tile. (At least they all have been dead a long time…)
    When Mr. H. C. was taking up the tile under the refrigerator, he discovered the floor had been patched there because of termite damage. (But see Good list above — the reason it didn’t cave in was the solid five-quarters subfloor.)
    The kitchen is now shrouded in plastic drop cloths and sheets while the work gets messy, dusty, and serious. Which means I have just a small temporary kitchen in the living room.

Which leads us to … The Ugly:

Which means this is what we get to have for dinner most nights:

Domino's and Black & Tans

Domino’s and Black & Tans

Wait! Is that good? Or bad? I’m not sure… But we certainly are glad to be making good progress finally. Bad knees, aching backs, sore muscles, and the ugly of it all.