the roof only leaks when it rains…

i’ve been trying to think of how to show off the new roof on the cottage.

after all, we spent a month on it this summer — at least — and many many dollars.

but the truth is?

a passer-by wouldn’t even notice.

unless they drove by often and noticed us

up on the roof every day in july this summer…

we had a dumpster for three layers of old shingles;

we had ladders on every conceivable side of the roof;

and we had a home built pulley system to bring heavy shingles and buckets up to the roof with the flick of a button.

plus, we had friends.

a friend is someone who helps you do your roof.

8 thoughts on “the roof only leaks when it rains…

      • Aw, gee, thanks. Wise choice that. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve known to do the “decor” part, before addressing structural stuff like foundation and roof. Especially roof–money down the hole, if you ask me. So now you can do the fun stuff, finish work, with confidence.

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  1. I know the feeling all too well of working on the subsystems that no one sees. That’s what I did for most of the first 10 years. My main bathroom is finally almost complete after a very long delay. Next July will be 20 years in my old house. Hopefully I can avoid a new roof for several more years.

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