120. A Little House-Keeping

Never had much use for house keeping,
Slut’s wool gathers under the bed.
Cat hair fluffs and floats in corners;
I’d rather read and write instead.

Or wander off into the forest,
finding crumbs along the trail,
Capturing light, watching chipmunks,
Listening to leaves tell their tale…


There isn’t much house-keeping happening at the cottage these days.

It’s a time of waiting;
a time of gathering in;
a time of accepting the darkness and lighting a candle.

So this month my blog posts will change a bit.
I’m joining up with PhotoBlogging 101.

I’m going to try to improve my camera skills
by posting a photo every day,
and my written posts will come on the weekends.
For anyone who bothers to keep track of how things are done around here,
the photo posts will not be numbered.
And they will showcase the overall theme of gratitude.

Because I’m thankful.
For it all.
Even the darkness.
Gratitude is greater than sorrow.
Gratitude grasps the hope of tomorrow.

fall through the window

9 thoughts on “120. A Little House-Keeping

  1. Hello friend, I don’t know what you are grieving, but I cling to the hope that tomorrow brings with you. Changing things up is good sometimes.


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