116. One City House FOR SALE

Seasons change — from spring to summer, from fall to winter…
Each time has its own beauty; I am grateful to live in a place where all four seasons are distinct. (Ask me that in late February, and I might not be so grateful…)

Seasons of life change too; and sometimes it isn’t so easy to navigate through those changes. Even when they are thoughtfully planned with prayers and guidance from The Lord, they are not always pain-free.

It was difficult for me to embrace the stress and anxiety that came from those changes; sometimes it was impossible to keep my own timeline from ticking away inside my brain. Mental to-do lists have flashed across my closed eyes for months now; real to-do lists were on my phone, on sticky notes, scrawled on the backs of envelopes…

The constant pressure of not enough time left me crabby, weary, and unfocused. Double that for Mr. H. C.

So it was with great joy that I deleted the last to-do list from my phone last week.

The sign is finally in the yard.


We are weary, yet hopeful, trying to ignore the stories of people having their house on the market for five years.

We are grateful that it is finally listed, yet wistful, for not only is it a beautiful house, it was a good home, full of living and dying, laughter and tears, love and memories.

And we want nice people to buy it and love it as we did.

Who wants to buy this lovely house?


Only nice people need apply.

10 thoughts on “116. One City House FOR SALE

  1. Awww, I can see why you’d be reluctant to let it go, it’s so so cute. I’ve always coveted the Cottage vibe your home offers. After an immense amount of work, we sold our previous home 3 years ago. We were the only home out of several that sold that summer. So was it worth it? Yes. Would I want to do it again? Hell no! I’m going to need to move on before the next reno comes up. I’m way to old for that kind of stress and inconvenience. Wishing you a speedy sale so you can get on with your lives soon. Cheers and Good Luck!


  2. I never realized how much work is involved in selling a house. So many rules — smoke detectors in every bedroom, co2 detectors on every floor, vertical posts on all the stairs, and this is after you’ve spent all your money fixing it up for someone else to buy!!! I hope I die before I have to sell another house. Leave it for the kids to have to deal with! Did you hear that, children?


  3. House looks beautiful. If Hannah and Craig were staying In pittsburgh we might be your buyers. But that is not likely to happen. May God produce a worthy buyer and do so with all due speed. john


    • Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted the last nine months, but other times I feel as if we have done the best we can to make it a good house for the new people. I will pray that Hannah and family stay nearby. It must be wonderful to have them close…


  4. I can picture you living in this house! Carol, you made it a home. And your new place will also be a loving place filled with memories and laughter because you will be living there. I hope I can come visit.


    • Oh come on! Where’s your spirit of adventure? :-)
      Thank you. We like it too, and if a mortgage-free adventure in the country hadn’t landed on our plates, we’d still be there.
      Thanks for visiting, even if you can’t buy. :-)

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