Hanging Out Laundry

There’s something peaceful about hanging out laundry. Standing in the sun attaching damp clothes to a rope with wooden pins is my favorite chore.

It is not drudgery, not like digging an asparagus bed or scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Standing in all the green looking up at the cottony clouds scudding across the sky, touching the white cotton t-shirts smelling fresh as the wind blowing them dry.

Sharing words with the mockingbird who provides the music as the breeze bows to the billowing pillowcase and they all waltz together, the windy pillow clouds.

I lean on the porch railing and long to fly like the mockingbird, the pillowcase, the clouds,

but it is well enough to be here, now, rooted to this spot in the country where I can hang underwear on the line and not worry that the birds might malign the whiteness of my clothes.  Though the mockingbird has tired of waltzing and now composes for my listening pleasure a raucous ditty, a laughing cacophony,

making witty fun of the paint-stained gloves, but I can laugh with him because it is greensummerwarm and there is time to hang the laundry out in the sun. 


Never one to fear solitude or think of it as lonely,


she relishes alone-time.
The flowers and trees of the nearby fields
tell her their secrets.
spruce sunset

Grateful for solitude, she turns off the radio to hear the quiet.

91. 14 for ’14

Reblogged with additions for 2014. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading.

There are two kinds of people in the world:

1. those who would go to Times Square for New Years Eve, and those who couldn’t be paid enough to go…last sunset of 2013

2. those who go out for New Year Eve, and those who stay home…Beaujolais in crystal

3. those who would rehab an old vacant house, and those who would look for a new one instead…Peeling paint

4. Cat-lovers and Dog-lovers…Henry bugging Michael

5. Savers and Pitchers…pottery pitcher

6. Dreamers and Doers…priming the cottage

7. those who love city streets, and those who love dirt roads…
Joe's sign

8. those who stay, and those who go…
vacant lawn chairs

9. those who love snow, and those who, uhmm… don’t…Snow on porch

10. those who take naps, and those who feel superior to those who take naps…Henry the cat

11. those who believe and those who scoff…Cross

12. those who look up and those who look down…Clouds and trees

13. those who eat their fruits and vegetables, and those who eat their meat’n potatoes…groundhog eating apple

14. those whose glass is half-empty and those whose glass is half-full…Crystal goblet at Christmas

At different times in our lives, we can be any of these.
Me? I have been all these people–a city lover, a country girl, a scoffer, a believer, an optimist, a pessimist, a cat-lover, a dog-lover, a dreamer, a doer…(Though I would have to be paid a lot of cash to go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.)
Can we remember this?
Can we remember that our differences make this beautiful world what it is?
Can we let go of our prejudices, our prides, our preconceptions, our (fill in the blank here)… and love each other?

May grace and peace be yours in abundance in 2014.