96. One Ox-yoke chandelier for sale — cheap

It will be a big day in the renovation of Apple Hill Cottage when the Ox-yoke chandelier comes down…
Ox yoke chandelier
Is ox-yoke chandelier an oxymoron? In truth, it is a faux ox-yoke chandelier. Does that make it a faux oxymoron?

Well, faux or not, it IS really ugly. And, not only is it ugly, it hangs low. Ouch! (Well, I don’t mean to say it’s ugly; it just doesn’t fit the cottage decor. And we have no plans to get any cows. It’s for sale…)


Mr. H.C’s dad, Joe was 6 feet tall. He hung the chandelier so the bottom dowels were hanging at 6’1″. Not only does it hang low, but it hangs right smack dab in the middle of the walkway from the kitchen into the living room. Every tall person who walks into the room bangs their head on one of those wooden dowels — usually more than once.

It is fortuitous that Mr. H.C. isn’t tall, and I am really short; that’s probably why it is still hanging. It has one good point and one good point only. It holds four 100 watt bulbs. Light is good when there is painting and wiring and sanding to be done. Lotsa light is lotsa better!

IMG_3742Ox yoke chandelierThat lamp is a beast, but I gotta say it’s as sturdy as an ox. It has been hit by boards, sheets of dry wall, and ladders at least 597 times. It swings in the breeze and rattles away, but it has never come close to falling. This weekend, I actually thought it was coming down. Mr. H.C. had hit his head, and he immediately climbed the ladder to mess around with it; I started a celebratory dance and grabbed my camera, but no dice. It’s still hanging… I have a beautiful copper-based schoolhouse light that will hang there when the new ceiling is finished. But it won’t be 400 watts. I think Mr. H.C. is leaving it up as long as he can — he even insulated around it this weekend, so it could stay up and provide plenty of light while we finish the ceiling.

Now if anyone out there has a ranch in Montana? Or a rustic cabin in Texas? This light chandelier might be just the thing! Here is a beautiful artistic rendering…(blue insulated ceiling and all)IMG_3746
But you gotta have high ceilings…
Even Mr. H.C. has taken to wearing a hard hat…