This Old Cottage

It’s been six years of steady deconstruction, reconstruction and the messiness that goes with them. We’re taking a short break… and we’ll be back soon with a gutted bathroom and a newly remodeled back porch. It’s hard to start writing a brand new blog when it’s, well, brand new. I’m brand new at it also, … Continue reading This Old Cottage

63. Apple Blossoms, Lilacs, and Birdsong

This is part 3 of several posts discussing Richard Foster’s chapter on Simplicity in Celebration of Discipline. Ahhh, spring! The flowers, the colors, the smells, the birds, the sun… It’s just good for the soul. We’ve been talking about Richard Foster’s practical ways to simplify your life. And today we are skipping to #6 because … Continue reading 63. Apple Blossoms, Lilacs, and Birdsong