Food, Pure & Simple

Apples — we got ’em. So we’re heavy on apple recipes here. But also fresh food from the garden. Good country food, pure and real. Enjoy.

I’m not sure why we loved Mom’s baked apples so much. They are a homely dish, not fancy, and easy to make. It might be that we got to eat a sweet dessert-like food for dinner — she never served them for dessert — we always ate them right along with whatever else we were having…. Click here to read more.

Supper, or dinner — no matter how many people are in your family, or how elegant or plain the fare, the evening meal is important in the life of your family.
Sociologists have long told us that. We get to converse with those we love most about our days and share laughter. Families bond over meals. The modern family that doesn’t sit down together for dinner loses out on an eating-together-relationship… Click here to read more

I thought I had selected the accent color for the kitchen. Lime Twist. Benjamin Moore.
Yes Mr. H.C. complains about the price of Benjamin Moore, but it’s only an accent color; it’s not like we need 3 gallons! And they do have the best colors. So I bought a sample jar last week… Click here to read more.

We were sitting around a conference table at church a few years ago – about 18 of us – trying to figure out when we could have our next meeting. It’s hard to find a time, an evening, when 18  busy adults can all get together. Someone suggested February 14. “But that’s Valentine’s Day,” Someone Else said. Continue reading

Last year we had no walnuts on our tree. After two years of abundant harvests, it was quite disappointing. It had been so nice to look at the bags of walnuts in the grocery store, nod, and think, Yes! I don’t have to pay those prices. And mine are organic….
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It’s very satisfying to be gardening again.
I haven’t had a real vegetable garden in many years. Oh, we grew tomatoes and peppers and herbs (and an occasional zucchini) at the city house, but the deer… Click here to read more.

Is there any squash with better flavor than butternut? It’s the only winter squash I’ve ever grown, because, really, why grow anything else? The groundhogs like it too… Click here to read more.

Traditional Apple Butter is cooked over a low flame for very long time so that it’s spiciness can be cooked into the apples until they are creamy and spreadable and delectable. It takes a lot of apples, peeled apples, and a lot of time and burnt pans in the process. I’ve read that… Click here to read more.

Plant seed in the early days of lovely September when you need a break from canning tomatoes. Pinch off baby leaves in October, November, December… Stir them with lemon in buttered potatoes. Mulch with straw and hope for a mild winter….Continue reading

This is the first year either of us has ever grown garlic. So it seems kind of silly to do a DIY post on how to grow it… Continue reading

As I was making tabouleh (or tabouli) today for dinner, chopping cucumbers, tomatoes, a green pepper, green onions, parsley, and mint, my mind wandered back to the first time I was introduced to this delicious salad. I was about ten years old; it was a summer family picnic and Aunt Ethel … Continue reading.

I pulled up one row of the rowdy jungle of green beans this morning. A few tiny white and yellow blossoms were… Continue reading

Fall is not my favorite season.
Yes, I know, blogland abounds with people raving about fall and there are Thanksgiving recipes everywhere. The cooler weather, the colors of the leaves, frost on the pumpkins, pumpkin desserts, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin whatevers….Yes. All that is fine, but the truth is I miss my garden… Continue reading

I got my first cookbook at age 10 — Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Girls and Boys.
Can you believe it’s still available? Everywhere! With the same cover, even. Ah, the joy of retro…. Continue reading

I thought I had settled the whole kale issue in the fall with The Trouble with Kale. Turns out, I didn’t because last week, on the eleventh of February, I walked down to check out the garden. I discovered both spinach and kale cheerfully surviving the Pennsylvania winter with just a light layer of straw mulch. Today, February 18th, I went down with my scissors…
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The kitchen here at Apple Hill is a busy place these days. You know those days? When you are cooking, peeling, stirring, canning while in your yoga pants and t-shirt, and hoping desperately that no one just drops in to visit because 1. every pot in your kitchen is in use; 2. you surely don’t have time to take a break to talk to anyone; and 3. you were so busy getting into the kitchen that you might have forgotten to brush your teeth and you definitely didn’t comb your hair…. Continue reading

The twenty-eight long days of February inspire me to find beauty in the ordinary things of the day. Today’s inspiration is Happy Soup. It’s perfect for beginning a Valentine’s meal, and it’s also perfect for lean days of Lent. It’s also a soup that can be made start to finish in about an hour. It’s … Continue reading

It is the oddest feeling. The feeling that is in the back of your mind that you have to do something. Something important, that you’ve forgotten. And then you realize that no, you didn’t forget; you don’t have anything that has to be done! You can go back to bed if you feel like it. You can spend three hours reading if you feel like it. And the laundry that’s piling up? It will be there tomorrow, and you don’t need those clothes anyway because you can…. Continue reading

Two days ago found me taking everything out of the freezer so I could see what the heck was really in there. Actually I was looking for one last bag of frozen cherries from  summer’s bumper crop. There were no cherries left…Continue reading

A week ago I still had a pumpkin from my garden. I was planning on cooking it soon, I really was. The thing is, it was Christmas time and the orange…Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2020 ain’t what it used to be…So we ignored the turkey and fixings and smoked a big chicken for the two of us. We’d already decided to forego traveling, and now we’re quarantined anyway, so that just verified that we’d all made the right decision. Continue reading.

It’s August. Tomato season. And that means that the windowsills and the kitchen counters are filled with…Continue Reading