Fiction projects

IMG_3163i’ve been working on this novel, see… and i need some feedback, because no one has really read it much except my husband, and he’s so nice his comments don’t really count. So i’ll be sending  chapters out as a “long-form” blog post on Fridays. If you’re not interested, that’s fine, I understand. But if you do read a chapter, i’d like to hear your comments; even the critical ones — just be gentle. 🙂 The newest chapter you’ll find under Recent Blog Posts; the other chapters are here.

Eminent Domain: a novel. Part I The Disruption of Everyday Life

Eminent Domain: 1, Reenie

Eminent Domain: 2, Leah and Ben

Eminent Domain: 3, Matt

Eminent Domain: 4, Willis and Nelle

Eminent Domain: The News Room

Eminent Domain: 5, John and Elizabeth