thirty biblical reasons to vote democratic in 2020: #6 Love your neighbor

“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” — Colossians 3:14 (ESV)

I might have mentioned my kitchen chalkboard before…

This is the verse that is currently on it.

I’m not sure it will be up for 6 months like the last one was, but maybe….

The thing is to love. Love everyone.  Our family. Our friends. Our neighbors. Our enemies.

Because there is another verse in Matthew 22:39, similar to this verse, and Jesus says it is the second most important commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself. I confess, I’m struggling with this very notion right now. Because I have a neighbor who believes in all those conspiracy theories. And I usually take her vegetables from my garden, but I’m avoiding that right now, because I don’t want her to start in on Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi bringing the Corona Virus back from China on purpose. (Really!) So it comes down to me choosing politics over love. And that’s hard for me to admit (and put into practice.)

I want harmony. But there has never been harmony on this earth, and there never will be. Harmony will never be achieved by politics, or policies, or polity. I know that. But if we love, we can make our little corner of this earth better. Loving others, doing good for them, speaking well of them? It knots and binds us together and brings us just a small bit of harmony and joy.

So I’m making a promise to take her some vegetables tomorrow. And if she starts in, I will just quietly say that I am voting for Joe Biden and we’d best not talk politics. And change the subject quickly.

The president made fun of Nancy Pelosi when she said she prayed for him. Who would do that? Who would turn down prayers?

Someone who needs to learn how to love…



2 thoughts on “thirty biblical reasons to vote democratic in 2020: #6 Love your neighbor

    • Here’s a copy of one tweet, but he also wrote in a letter that he didn’t like it when people lie about praying…

      Donald J. Trump
      Dec 5, 2019
      Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more. Stock Market and employment records. She says she “prays for the President.” I don’t believe her, not even close. Help the homeless in your district Nancy. USMCA?


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