Morning Coffee

Husband is an early riser.
He gets up early and stokes the fire
And makes the coffee
And puts my favorite mug
On the wood stove to warm.
Often he brings me the warmed mug
And sweet aroma
Today his gesture has pushed away
The clouds
And awakened the sun.

Today is the day to concentrate on the good. Look at this gift of time you’ve been given and don’t waste it.
Write that novel,
call that friend,
read that Bible,
paint that masterpiece,
build that bridge,
plant that seed….

9 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. We leave only when necessary. As we venture out and see people with masks and gloves I think this isn’t a world I ever thought I would live in. I have always naively felt safe in this country from pandemic. Just as 911 changed our lives forever, so will Covid -19. Be safe my dear friends. ♥️


    • Yes. What you said. It’s tough to stay positive. As you can see, I give myself pep talks every morning… I just hope we get a chance to take advantage of what we have learned through this…and what we are grateful for. Thanks for visiting. When this is over, come and visit and we’ll have a real cup of tea or coffee on the back porch. :-)


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