A novel idea…

Most people who read blogs just want to read what the writer writes. They don’t really care how we bloggers organize, or what we do, or when we send out posts. (At least I think this is the case…)

So I will make this short: I’ve been thinking with fear and trembling about sending out long-form chapters of my novel every week or so, for you who are interested to read and comment on; I will be sending them out on Fridays. The chapters average 2000-2500 words, so it won’t be a post you can just whip through. Once the second chapter is posted, last week’s will move to the Fiction Projects section of my home page. They will be numbered in order. If you decide to read these chapters, I’d appreciate comments. On the following topics, especially:

img_7648The story is about a road. A road that moves through people’s lives and houses and properties. It is a country road, and there are many people affected. Are you interested in the technical/legal aspects, or would you rather just read about how it affects the people? Are there too many characters to keep track of? Which characters do you like/dislike? Whose story do you want to hear most about? Should this maybe be a loosely related group of short stories instead of a novel? And are there any plot twists/turns that feel forced? What did you really like? What doesn’t work?

I don’t belong to a writer’s group; so I need to know this stuff from you, the reader, if you are so inclined. And if it ever gets published, you all who gave me helpful comments will get free copies. 🙂

The regular shorter blog posts will be posted as well, on the other end of the week…

wagon and covered bridge

So here’s the introduction. Chapter 1 comes next week.

Part One:
The Disruption of Everyday Life

We know everyday life.
It happens… daily.
the ho-hum
that goes by slowly.

Some of us thrive on routine,
a plan.

Others of us would rather
the unexpected,
the surprise,
the unforeseen
in our day.

But real disruption —
the snarl on the highway that makes us twenty minutes late;
the sickness that makes us miss work for a day/a month/a year;
the storm that floods or damages or destroys;
the divorce or death that tears apart our family;
the disruptions that no one wants —
We don’t get to choose, do we?

Whatever your belief —
the God of the universe
random chance —
we all suffer from
the disruption of everyday life in
some way,
some place,
some time.

the big question is
What do we do with that disruption?

Invite it to stay for dinner?
Bolt the door, sit shivering by the fire,
and wait for it to sneak in the back door?
Throw a blanket over it, and pretend it is a chair?

Turn the page, Reader, and
Come face to face with

16 thoughts on “A novel idea…

  1. I would definitely be down to check that out!!! I know that releasing long chapters is intimidating and many people may even say TL;DR (To long; Didn’t read). However, it really is your perogative as the blogger.

    I personally have been splitting my chapters up in posts, breaking them down into 450-600 word parts. Separating them where I feel the most suspense would be located. I think it not only makes the post’s faster and easier to read, but it builds that suspense for the next posting. Anyway, that’s just my two cents, either way I look forward to reading what you post!

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  2. Great idea. I am definitely in. That really is what life is all about – how we handle the disruptions – some of them perhaps of our own making, most what God allows/purposes us to handle. It occurs to me that that is really what the Our Girl narrative is all about. john

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    • Yes. That reminds me of one of my all-time favorite C.S. Lewis quotes — that the interruptions God sends us are our real life, and we shouldn’t look at them as interruptions. That what we call our “real lives” are just phantoms of our own imaginations… or something like that….


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